Joe Meno

Joe Meno is the founder and editor of BrickJournal, a website and bimonthlly magazine for adult fans of LEGO. He has worked with the LEGO Group on various projects, and is one of the coordinators of BrickMagic, a LEGO fan event based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Cult of LEGO The Cult of LEGO (No Starch)
by John Baichtal, Joe Meno
October 2011
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $31.95

"San Francisco Book Festival has named “The Cult of Lego” as the grand prize winner of its annual competition honoring the best books of the spring. The plastic objects that have become a worldwide phenomenon and powered the dreams of children and adults are examined in-depth by authors John Baichtal and Joe Meno. As they reveal, Lego is much more than a toy – it’s a way of life. Beyond the history, the books examine the fans who spend countless hours building their masterpieces, covering their conventions and showing the serious side of a hobby that many adults rediscover after a “dark age” of neglect. "
--San Francisco Book Festival,

"They might as well have put my picture somewhere in the book as a card-carrying member of The Cult of LEGO. It’s a vibrant and colorful book with hardcover binding and a fun cover jacket. Nice enough for any coffee table or bookshelf display, but it probably won’t stay there unopened. Too much fun to look through! "
--Katie Nelson, Katie the Scrapbook Lady

"There’s definitely something to interest everyone in this book and it would definitely make a great gift for any Lego enthusiast this holiday season."
--Mandy Zuniga, Mommy Cracked

"This is a great book to give to anyone who has more than a casual interest in Lego or for a child/grandchild who is currently enthralled with Lego. It would also be a fine addition to any library collection where popular culture or hobbies make up a portion of the collection."
--John R. Clark, TCM Reviews

"The Cult of LEGO will delight any fan of LEGOs, regardless of their age!"
--Susan M. Heim, Suan Heim on Parenting

"A fascinating look at those obsessed with LEGOs."
--Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayBooks

"If you know an adult who has been a lifelong LEGO addict or a young person who is destined to become one, The Cult of LEGO will be a fascinating addition to their bookshelf."

"Whoever is the Lego lover in your life, this is a book to share with them, or just read for yourself. You'll find yourself constantly amazed at the masterpieces that people have created with the tiny blocks, as well as the communities that they have built while doing so!"
--Mallory O'Connor, Mommypants!

"If you're looking for a unique gift for the Lego lover in your family, one that won't clutter the floor or cause puncture wounds if you accidentally step on it, this book is a great find!"
--Kim Moldofsky, Hormone-Colored Days

"This book is definitely a must for LEGO geeks, but even kids will love it. My kids love leafing through the pages, and this book has already inspired quite a few building sessions in our home."
--Ana Picazo, Bonggamom Finds

"If you are a Lego fan then this coffee table book is just the thing for you. It provides an awesome history of LEGO along with amazing pictures of LEGO creations. My husband would have a LEGO room if I let him, but unfortunately we do not have the space. However, he is absolutely in love with this book and is eager to pass the love of LEGO’s on to our 4 year old son...It is a perfect holiday present for someone that is immersed in the world of LEGO. "
--Jackie Rhodes, I Like It Frantic

"This was an amazing book! For anyone who has been or currently is a fan of legos, this book takes you inside the world or Lego and completely makes it turn on end. With beautiful images and intricate inside knowledge of all things Lego, you will leave the book completely intrigued and wanting to go out and buy a whole new set of Legos to work with immediately. In reading this book myself, I found myself looking deeper into the book and being completely immersed in the world. I was amazed to find that I was half way through the book, and that was in the first evening. This book is a must have for any lover of Legos!"
--Dad of Divas,