Dan York

Dan York

Author, speaker, technologist, podcaster, curler

Keene, New Hampshire

Areas of Expertise:

  • IPv6
  • VoIP
  • SIP
  • unified communications
  • security
  • VoIP security
  • telecommunications
  • DNS
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
Dan York has been writing, speaking and teaching about online communication technology since the mid-1980s. In 1998 he co-founded the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), today the leading global certification program for Linux professionals, and later served on the Board of Directors of Linux International. He's written multiple books on Linux, security and networking; created some of the first courseware about creating web sites back in the early 1990's; developed open source software in many languages including python, perl, LISP and most recently Node.js; and worked with more XML variants than he can possibly remember, including DocBook, VoiceXML, CCXML and more. His writing can be found at links off of DanYork.me and he is on Github as danyork. His most recent books are "Migrating Applications to IPv6" and "The Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks".

Dan currently serves the Internet Society as the Senior Content Strategist focused on the Deploy360 Programme - creating, curating and promoting online content that helps service providers, companies and individuals more quickly deploy Internet technologies such as IPv6 and DNSSEC. Previously Dan worked for Voxeo Corporation heading up the company's communication through both traditional and new/social media. Prior to that, Dan served in the Office of the CTO for both Voxeo and before that Mitel focused on analyzing/evaluating emerging technology, participating in industry standards bodies and addressing VoIP security issues.

Outside of the Internet Society, Dan serves as the Chair of the VOIP Security Alliance , contributes weekly to the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast, produces the period "The Dan York Report" podcast and was previously the producer and co-host of the weekly Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast