Henrik Kniberg

Henrik Kniberg is a coach and consultant at Crisp. Henrik's background is a mix of development and management, and his passion is applying Lean and Agile principles to help debug, optimize, and refactor companies. Henrik is the author of _Scrum and XP from the Trenches_ and _Kanban & Scrum, making the most of both_ and a popular keynote speaker at conferences worldwide. Henrik lives in Stockholm with his wife and four kids, and in his "spare time" plays bass and keyboard with two local bands.

Lean from the Trenches Lean from the Trenches (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Henrik Kniberg
December 2011
Print: $30.00

"I found it the most useful project management book I have ever read. If you want to get better by drawing on the experience of others, read this book."
--Trev Roberts

"If you were to have only one book on Lean/Agile in your bookshelf, I would recommend this one. A dozen tomes on theory and best practices will do less for you than reading this amazingly well-written story about a real Agile project. I truly look forward to applying some of the lessons I learned from reading this book to the next Lean/Agile project I am on."
--Gargi, Heartcrossings