Aaron Godin

Aaron Godin is a programmer and designer. If he's not deep in a Rails application or programming in Ruby, he spends his time working with all things front-end. Besides being a Macophile, his other interests include electronic music, martial arts, skateboarding, and making fun of iPad commercials.

Web Development Recipes Web Development Recipes (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Aaron Godin, Brian P. Hogan, Chris Johnson, Chris Warren, Mike Weber
January 2012

"The recipe is easy to follow, explanatory, and helpful.... Want to make Apache secure with HTTPS and SSSL? Consider Recipe 39. Need to debug some JavaScript? Try Recipe 31. Need to make a responsive, grid-driven layout? Go to Recipe 26. Want to know how to use Mustache in your HTML? See Recipe 10."
--Armando Roggio