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Greg Shackles

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New York, New York

Areas of Expertise:

  • .NET
  • Mono
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
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Greg Shackles is a Senior Software Engineer at OLO Online Ordering, based in New York City. An active member of the community, Greg speaks regularly at many user groups and regional events. Greg received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. In addition to his passion for technology, he is also an avid fan of heavy metal, baseball, and craft beer, sometimes in combination. His blog, which focuses mainly on .NET and related topics, can be found at

Mobile Development with C# Mobile Development with C#
by Greg Shackles
May 2012
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $20.99

Webcast: Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C#
June 12, 2012
This webcast will introduce you to: developing cross-platform mobile applications using C#, making use of MonoTouch and Mono for Android for iOS and Android, and exploring how they relate to the native platform libraries