Mark Ethan Trostler

Mark Ethan Trostler

JavaScript testing guru and all around nice guy

San Diego, California

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I have been writing and testing code for over 20 years. From humble beginnings as a Computer Science/Philosophy double major at UC San Diego, to working at both startups (IPivot) and large corporations (Qualcomm, Intel, Redback Networks, Juniper Networks, Yahoo, and currently Google), I have always been dedicated to code quality. Previously as a Senior Principal Front End Engineer on the Yahoo Mail team, I help spearhead testing and quality for the latest rewrite of Yahoo Mail. I'm currently employed by Google as a Software Engineer in Test with the Ads team helping to ensure an excellent experience for our customers. I have spoken at several internal and external conferences (Yahoo TechPulse 2010 and 2011, Yahoo's Front End Summit, YUIConf 2011, DevNexus 2012, GTAC 2013, and QCON NYC 2013) about Testable Javascript and am the author of the Open Source Javascript Unit Test Environment (

Prior to Javascript I worked extensively with perl, java, and C, but have since drank the Javascript kool-aid and am now a full-time convert. With NodeJS and PhantomJS the future of portable languages is here!

Areas of Expertise:

  • javascript
  • test
  • unit
  • front end
  • perl
  • integration
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing



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