Eric Redmond

Eric Redmond

Eric Redmond has been involved the software industry and open source worlds for over a decade, working as lead engineer/DBA with Fortune 500 companies, governments and startups. He was a contributor to two Java books and considerably more articles, and is a popular speaker and active organizer/occupant of several technology groups. He currently resides in Portland with wife Noelle, toys with and makes things out of glass.

Programming Google Glass Programming Google Glass (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Eric Redmond
December 2013

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks Seven Databases in Seven Weeks (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Jim Wilson, Eric Redmond
May 2012

Webcast: Programming Google Glass
March 25, 2014
Any developer with experience programming web services or smartphone applications need only make a short leap in their XU (user experience) sensibilities, and a few new tools, to program Google Glass.

"If you have any reason to use or consider using anything other than a more traditional relational database, and aren’t sure which one to try out of the exploding number of new options, this book will help you make sense of the field and better evaluate your options against your current needs. I recommend it."
--Matthew Helmke,

"This book gives great and structured overview of modern databases, and doesn't delve too deep. Nor should it, as it currently gives all the knowledge you need to choose one database to suit your needs."
--Mirko Zorz, Help Net Security