Tarik Soulami

Tarik Soulami

Redmond, Washington

Tarik Soulami is a principal development lead on the Windows Fundamentals Team at Microsoft.

Webcast: Debugging Heap Memory Corruptions
August 02, 2012
Heap corruptions are one of the most common causes of program crashes. In this interactive webcast Tarik Soulami will present numerous tips and ideas for how to investigate these conditions, both in the native as well as the managed Windows programming...

"A 'must' for any involved in Windows debugging."
--James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: California Bookwatch, The Computer Shelf, August 2012, Volume 7, Number 8

"I have always been a fan of most books coming from Microsoft Press and this one is no exception: a wealth of information using an inside look into the underlying mechanics and paired with an engaging writing style makes for another book every serious developer should have on his/her shelf. "
--Andreas Masur, Amazon.com

"Far from being off-putting, the feeling I had after reading this book was inspiration. While I am quite certain that it was never Mr. Soulami’s intention to get novices more interested in learning the art form of computer programming, that is exactly the effect it had on me. This in itself says a lot regarding the quality of this “technical” manual. If a novice like me found so much useful information here, imagine what it will mean for those who actually program in Windows for a living. Inside Windows Debugging is an excellent addition to the Microsoft Press library."
--Greg Barbrick, Blogcritics.org