Mike Wolfson

Mike Wolfson

Enthusiastic developer, with an eye for simplicity, and passion for writing beautiful, pragmatic code.

Phoenix, Arizona

Areas of Expertise:

  • Android Java Mobile
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
Mike is a passionate mobile designer/developer working out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been in the software field for almost 20 years, and with Android since its introduction. Currently, he develops Android applications for the health care field. He has written a variety of successful apps, and is best known for the "Droid Of The Day" App. Mike has spent his career helping others learn technology. He is recognized by Google as an "Android Developer Expert", runs the local GDG, and has been a lifelong supporter of a variety of other group learning activities. He has spoken about Android and mobile development at a variety of conferences and user groups. When he is not geeking out about phones, he enjoys the outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving), collecting PEZ dispensers, and chasing his young (but quick) daughter.

Android Developer Tools Essentials Android Developer Tools Essentials
by Mike Wolfson
August 2013
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