Jeff Burtoft

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Jeff Burtoft is an HTML5 Evangelist for Microsoft where he has the pleasure of working with the HTML5 community every day. Jeff is also a blogger at and has personally released several Hybrid Mobile Applications into some of the popular mobile app markets.
Jeff has been in the Web Development community for over 10 years. his work experience varies with positions like "web master" of a start-up company, to multimedia consultant for the department of defense. Jeff has also spent over five years working as the Principal Front-end Engineer for a fortune 500 company in San Antonio, TX. Jeff has a B.A. in Rhetorical Studies from Duquesne University and a certification in Latin American Business from Inter-American University in San Juan Puerto Rico. Throughout the years, Jeff's first love has been the web: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and now HTML5.

Jeff lives in Bellevue, WA with his wife and three children. In his free time, Jeff enjoys writing Mobile Apps and getting beat by a 5 year old on video games.