Brad Green

Brad Green

Passionate about developer productivity

Mountain View, California

Brad Green works at Google as an engineering manager. In addition to the AngularJS project, Brad also manages Google's sales tools applications development. Prior to Google, Brad worked on the early mobile web at AvantGo, founded and sold startups, and spent a few hard years toiling as a caterer. Brad's first job out of school was as lackey to Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer writing demo software and designing his slide presentations. Brad lives in Mountain View, CA with his wife and two children.

AngularJS: Up and Running AngularJS: Up and Running
by Shyam Seshadri, Brad Green
September 2014

AngularJS AngularJS
by Brad Green, Shyam Seshadri
April 2013

"Overall it is a good pickup for the price and can help kick start your angular project."
--Joshua Woodward,