Ray Wilson

Ray Wilson

Synth-DIY Guru

Parker, Colorado

Areas of Expertise:

  • Analog Synthesizers
  • Music Production
  • YouTube Producer
  • Electronic Music
  • Noise Compositions
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
Ray has been interested in analog synthesizers since the first time he heard "Switched On Bach" back in 1968. That magic box on the cover of the album with all of the knobs, switches and patch cords grabbed his attention and never let it go. After working at U.S. Steel, Intec Systems, Siemens Pacesetter, and Telectronics, he now runs his popular web site Music From Outer Space full-time. Most of his electronics learning has been hard won and experiential with hundreds of hours devoted to reading, bread-boarding, experimenting and appreciating analog synthesis.

Make: Analog Synthesizers Make: Analog Synthesizers
by Ray Wilson
May 2013
Print: $22.99
Ebook: $17.99

Webcast: Using TL07X Op Amps in Analog Synthesizers
November 14, 2013
Join Ray WIlson, author of Make: Analog Synthesizers - A modern approach to old-school synthesis for a hands-on webcast where he will present and discuss several synthesizer related applications for the TL07X series of Texas Instruments op amp. Don't...