Elliot Williams

Elliot Williams

hardware hacker, embedded software developer, robot maker.

Munich, Germany

Elliot is a former government statistician, and a lifelong electronics hacker. He was among the founding members of HacDC, Washington DC's hackerspace. He now lives in Munich, Germany where he works for an embedded hardware development firm which has to date exactly one employee (and CEO). His first book (Make: AVR Programming) came out of his experiences teaching AVR programming workshops at HacDC.

AVR Programming AVR Programming
by Elliot Williams
February 2014
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $29.99

Webcast: Building your Own USB Devices for AVR with the V-USB Library
June 20, 2014
This webcast will walk you through two example projects: a custom scrollwheel mouse and a USB temperature controller.

Webcast: Beyond the Arduino: Programming AVR Microcontrollers in C
March 18, 2014
In this webcast, we'll dive straight into the deep end. I'll show you what you need to get started programming the AVR ATMega (and ATTiny) series microcontrollers, give you an overview of their built-in peripherals, and demonstrate most of the important...