Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Maker of Things

Brooklyn, New York

Matt Richardson is a San Francisco-based maker and author. A graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Matt is a now a product evangelist for Raspberry Pi, leading outreach and programming efforts within the United States.

Getting Started with Intel Galileo Getting Started with Intel Galileo
by Matt Richardson
March 2014
Print: $17.99
Ebook: $9.99

Getting Started with BeagleBone Getting Started with BeagleBone
by Matt Richardson
October 2013
Print: $14.99
Ebook: $9.99

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
by Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace
December 2012

Webcast: What’s New in Pi World: Hardware Hacking with the Raspberry Pi Zero
January 19, 2016
In this live hands-on webcast the authors of 'Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, 2nd Edition' introduce you to the Pi Zero, the world's first $5 computer. At that price point the Zero is uniquely suited for hardware hacking projects; we'll show you ...

Webcast: So you got a Raspberry Pi for the Holidays
January 23, 2013
Matt and Shawn will show you what you need to get up and running, walk you through installing the operating system to give you an understanding of all the hardware features of the Pi, and set up the small computer with the correct power source and peripherals...