CA Callahan

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Callahan started working with computers back in the TRS-80 days. She took a hiatus for a while to explore horseback riding, poetry writing, and going to college. After that silliness was completed, she returned to the computer world, wiring small business networks together using coax cables and Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. From there she got into computer training, traveling from town to town teaching social security folks how to transition from TAP terminals to NT 4, then specializing in teaching A+ and Microsoft courses, and then working for Microsoft, presenting TechNet Security Briefings all over the US.

Somewhere in there she was asked to coauthor a book about Windows Server 2003, and it's revision version, 2003 R2. It was during that revision that she ended up writing about SharePoint Services. From that point on she has been doing nothing but explain SharePoint to everyone, everywhere. She even does consulting for those companies for whom explanation is not enough. You can visit her at her blog or her facebook SharePoint Foundation user group .