Mike Westerfield

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Mike has a deep interest in science and technology that shows up in his work and hobbies. Educated in physics and a programmer by profession, Mike started his career in the Air Force as the resident physicist on a classified satellite program. He sold his car to get the money needed to buy an Apple II computer and started writing assemblers and compilers. He has developed numerous compilers and interpreters, including APW, which Apple Computer shipped to developers for the Apple IIGS. He has worked on plasma physics simulations for Z-pinch machines, disease surveillance programs credited with saving lives of hurricane Katrina refugees, and advanced military simulations that protect our nations most critical assets.

Mike currently runs the Byte Works, an independent software publishing and consulting firm specializing in scientific and technical programming, Bluetooth LE technology, iOS development and cross-platform Java development. He lives with his wife in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where you will find him programming, flying rockets with the Albuquerque Rocket Society, and teaching scuba diving.