John Horswill

John Horswill is a member of IBM's CICS User Technololgy team at IBM in Hursley Park, U.K. He has been involved in delivering information on various platforms, including OS/390, AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix, HP, and Windows NT, for the past 11 years. Before joining IBM, he worked in Further Education in England for many years. He graduated from London University and completed an M.Sc. in Applied Cell Science and Virology at Brunel University before turning his attention to computing. If you can't find him in his office or working from home, he is probably in his garden or hopefully "at the top of a mountain on a clear day."

Designing and Programming CICS Applications Designing and Programming CICS Applications
by John Horswill, Members of the CICS Development Team at IBM Hursley
July 2000
Print: $44.95
Ebook: $35.95