Robert Grossman

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Robert Grossman is a faculty member and the Chief Research Informatics Officer in the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago. He is a Senior Fellow in the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology (IGSB) and the Computation Institute (CI). He is also the Founder and a Partner of Open Data Group, which specializes in building predictive models over big data. His areas of research include: big data, predictive analytics, bioinformatics, data intensive computing and analytic infrastructure. He has led the development of open source software tools for analyzing big data (Augustus), cloud computing (Sector), and high performance networking (UDT). In 1996 he founded Magnify, Inc., which provides data mining solutions to the insurance industry. Grossman was Magnify's Chairman until it was sold to ChoicePoint in 2005. He is also the Chair of the Open Cloud Consortium, which is a not-for-profit that supports the cloud community by operating cloud infrastructure, such as the Open Science Data Cloud. He blogs about big data, data science, and data engineering at