Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson

Software architect and director who still bangs out code

Boulder, Colorado


Rob has spent nearly his entire career dealing with the complexities of building and supporting online services. As a veteran engineer and architect of several Colorado-based Internet startups, Rob has seen up close what happens when a Web or database application doesn't perform or scale as hoped. Rob got his first taste of this at where their early social network for K-12 schools, originally projected for 50k users in the first year, grew beyond 500k users in the first few months. Rob's long-time interest in performance engineering took a new direction as the principal architect of Xaffire, where he productized his experiences into a scalable tracing platform that gives deep visibility into the operation and performance of Web applications. As Xaffire grew to be purchased by Quest Software and then by Dell Software, Rob and his team have worked with hundreds of customers, including some of the largest e-businesses, to make their Web applications faster and more reliable and ultimately more profitable. Rob currently leads the End User group for Foglight APM, Dell Software's flagship product for application performance monitoring.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Software Development
  • Application Performance Management
  • Web Performance
  • Distributed Architectures
  • Distributed Teams
  • Virtual and Physical Appliances


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