Rob Bilson

Santa Barbara, California

Rob Bilson is a consultant, freelance writer and the Senior IT Director at Amkor Technology, where he has worked since 1996. Rob's involvement with ColdFusion goes all the way back to version 1.5 and includes several large-scale projects, the creation of numerous open source custom tags, and more recently, the open source Common Function Library Project, where he coordinates several libraries of freely available functions. Rob is an Adobe Community Expert for ColdFusion and is a frequent speaker at ColdFusion user groups and conferences.

Rob is the author of O'Reilly's Programming ColdFusion MX, 2nd Edition. He has written several articles on ColdFusion for Intranet Design Magazine, CF Advisor, and CNET's

Programming ColdFusion MX Programming ColdFusion MX
by Rob Bilson
Second Edition August 2003
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

Programming ColdFusion Programming ColdFusion
by Rob Bilson
August 2001