Bill Pribyl


Bill Pribyl is the primary author of Learning Oracle PL/SQL and the coauthor of Oracle PL/SQL Programming and its companion pocket reference, all from O'Reilly Media. He is oddly proud of having used PL/SQL to write TCP/IP networking clients, tnsping callouts, near-realtime commodity price loaders, and transcendental functions. Bill, who holds a degree in physics from Rice University, is the former editor of the IOUG technical journal (Select) and former president of the South Central Oracle Users Group. At home in Houston, Texas, Bill leads a quiet life with sweet memories of his late wife. And a big dog.


Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein Third Edition September 2002
Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein Second Edition September 1997


“If you are responsible for PL/SQL coding, this book needs to be on your desk. Period. ”
— Michael Wehrle,