Ryan Neufeld

Ryan Neufeld

Clojure expert, speaker, author.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Ryan Neufeld is a polyglot software developer and budding architect specializing in distributed systems and web applications. Whether it's a tough technical issue or one of the softer elements of software engineering, Ryan relishes the opportunity to deliver results for customers. Ryan currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada where he works as an independant software consultant.

Clojure Cookbook Clojure Cookbook
by Ryan Neufeld, Luke VanderHart
March 2014
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $37.99

Webcast: Building Web Applications in Clojure
April 24, 2014
The most difficult part of mastering any language is knowing how to apply it, in an idiomatic way, to tasks that real software developers encounter every day. This is especially true of Clojure. Join us for a look at the basics of developing web applications...

"Programmers using or planning to use Clojure will find this book very helpful. It is more of a compendium of current practices than a Clojure tutorial. Clojure's concurrency constructs, including refs, atoms, and agents, do not seem to be mentioned, nor is software transactional memory."
--Arthur Gittleman, Computing Reviews