Micha Gorelick

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Micha was the co-founder and lead researcher at applied machine learning company, Fast Forward Labs. There she was the lead researcher on a variety of cutting-edge research projects on diverse topics such as neural networks for text summarization and probabilistic programming to understand housing. Currently she is creating data and machine learning solutions for investigative journalists at The Markup and OCCRP. She has published a book on High Performance Python Programming with O'Reilly Press which has been translated in over 8 languages. She is a highly regarded data scientist who has advised Fortune 500 companies and government institutions in both researching and deploying AI and Machine Learning systems in addition to making socially conscious decisions throughout the process. Organizations she has supported include NASA, Apple, UN Refugee Project, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the City of New York's CTO's Office and MTV/Viacom. She presents and communicates her work at public events such as Data Gotham, New York Times Science Fair, QCon, Strata, the cube, and PyCon. Micha contributes to and helps maintain several important open source AI and data science toolkits such as followthemoney, alephdata, Keras, NSQ, FairML, streamtools, and go-httpclient. She cares deeply about the public communications of computing and has worked with publications such as NYTimes, The Markup, OCCRP, Gizmodo, and The Verge.