Mark Lavin

Mark Lavin

Apex, North Carolina

Mark has been a developer since 2006, first working on Wall Street and now as Technical Director of Caktus, the largest Django-specific development firm in the US. He is an active member of the Django community, speaking at conferences, contributing to open source projects, and answering questions on StackOverflow. When not coding, he enjoys homebrewing, running and participating in Ironman triathlons, and spending time with his wife and their two young daughters at their home in Apex, NC.

Lightweight Django Lightweight Django
by Julia Elman, Mark Lavin
November 2014
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99

Intermediate Django Intermediate Django
by Mark Lavin
October 2015
Video: $99.99

Webcast: Testing Client-Side Applications with Django
January 20, 2015
During the session we'll examine a simple REST API with Django connected to a single page application built with Backbone.

Webcast: Creating Enriching Web Applications with Django and Backbone.js
November 06, 2014
Django and Backbone are two of the most popular frameworks for web backends and frontends respectively and this webcast will talk about how to use them together effectively.