Jason Mark

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Jason is the cofounder of GravitySwitch.com and has been at the forefront of digital marketing for over 20 years. Before working in digital marketing, Jason was involved in multiple artificial intelligence and 3D computer animation projects.

Jason is a dynamic and approachable speaker who has spoken at events from Massachusetts to California, including Drupal Camps, Android Devcon, iPhone Devcon, ADC, World Usability Day, Joomla! Day, Design for Drupal, Yale Drupal Camp. His higher education experience includes classes and talks at a dozen colleges including Yale, Harvard and MIT. Jason is a frequent contributor to industry magazines such as Fast Company, Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot and others.

With 25 years teaching experience he's consistently one of the top rated speakers at events speaking on topics including design, usability, process improvement, and project management. Website: GravitySwitch.com | Blog: jasonondesign.com |Twitter: @JasonOnDesign