Bruce Hyslop

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Bruce Hyslop began developing for the Web in 1997 and focuses on front-end technical architecture, development, usability, accessibility, and advocating best practices. He is an independent developer and consultant to agencies, start-ups, and other companies.

Bruce is the lead author of <cite>HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, Eighth Edition</cite> and <cite>HTML5 and CSS3: Visual QuickStart Guide, Seventh Edition</cite>, and the sole author of <cite>The HTML Pocket Guide</cite>, all for Peachpit Press. He also has taught front-end courses at UCLA (undergrad) and UCLA Extension, and occasionally speaks on matters regarding front-end development.

Prior to going independent, he spent a decade working for digital agencies. He was the senior director of the Interface Engineering Group (IEG) at Schematic (now POSSIBLE), where he oversaw company-wide efforts to define and implement best practices regarding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and accessibility. Additionally, he oversaw front-end teams or was a developer for more than 150 projects, including those for ABC, BBC, Disney, Logitech, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Nokia, Target, Toyota, and Yahoo!, among others.