Alexis Menard

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Alexis Menard is a software engineer working at Intel out of Brazil as part of the Open Source Technology Center. His main focus is on the ever evolving Web Platform, which includes work on W3C standards as well as Blink/Chromium. In the latter projects, he serves as both developer and code reviewer. Alexis is also working on Crosswalk, an HTML5 runtime/webview for Android and Tizen where he does a bit of everything, including industry evangelism. Prior to Intel, Alexis worked on QtWebKit and WebKit itself at the Brazilian Nokia research center known as INdT. Before moving to Brazil, Alexis worked out of Norway, mostly on the Qt framework as a part of Nokia (former Trolltech). He is also a former KDE contributor where he contributed mostly to Plasma, the desktop shell of KDE.

Twitter: @darktears