Bill Gallmeister

Bill O. Gallmeister has been writing operating system software for an alarming number of years. Initially trained in BSD code at Valid Logic Systems and Sun Microsystems, he was briefly exposed to System V, an experience which drove him screaming into the dank wilderness of real-time. At Lynx Real-Time Systems, he developed the first complete implementation of POSIX.4 and POSIX.4a threads. During this time, he was vice-chair of POSIX.4. Following this adventure, he took another look at the current state-of-the art in UNIX systems. This caused him to head for the multimedia frontier. He can now be found at First Virtual Corporation, doing high-velocity file system work for a networked monster multimedia machine. Bill earned his bachelor's in computer science at UC Santa Barbara, which entitles him to work barefoot. He earned his master's in computer science at Chapel Hill, which entitles him to use large words like "avuncular." When not occupied in programming, Bill engages in activites typical of BWGs (see preface) in Silicon Valley: hanging out with his wife and son, drinking expensive coffee drinks, cooking and eating strange foreign foods, reading, watching bad science fiction movies, and riding his bike around the hills above Los Gatos. His email address is

POSIX.4 Programmers Guide POSIX.4 Programmers Guide
by Bill Gallmeister
January 1995
Print: $39.95