Ian Eslick

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I love to work on solutions to big problems involving complex, real-world systems. I'm equally comfortable developing new business models, inventing algorithms, writing functional "big-data" cloud services, doing direct sales, hacking on mobile apps, or managing and growing an organization.

My current project is Vital Labs, a San Francisco based startup building a novel healthcare delivery platform that serves patients and clinical care professionals. This company emerged in part from my mid-career PhD on crowdsourcing healthcare at the MIT Media Laboratory. I also run an experimental technology incubator called Vital Reactor. Between projects I like to advise other startups, explore new domains, and occasionally do a little angel investing.

I'm a serious road-cycling enthusiast (you can find me on Strava.com), a fan of the Quantified Self and self-tracking, and I periodically release open source software (like the new Clojurescript dependency tracking framework Derive and front-end database Nativestore)

Twitter: @ieslick
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianeslick