Scott M. Ballew

As an undergraduate at Baylor University, Scott was fascinated by the idea of two computers communicating with each other instead of acting independently. But it was during his second year of graduate study at Purdue, when he was given the opportunity to be the sole administrator for the Cypress Network -- an experimental long-haul packet switching network -- that he discovered his love of networking. Scott is now a member of Purdue University Computing Center's network engineering group where he manages a network of over twenty routers and more than 250 subnets using such varied technologies as switched and shared Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, HiPPI, ATM, Frame Relay, and several wide-area links to the university's regional campuses. When he is not busy working on (or writing about) his network, Scott enjoys quiet evenings at home with a good movie or a good book, playing games with friends, and remodeling and redecorating his house.

Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers
by Scott M. Ballew
October 1997
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