Andrew Pease

Andrew Pease


Andrew is passionate about getting the most out of data analysis for answering big questions and challenging the status quo. As leader of the analytics team in the SAS Global Technology Practice, Andrew helps organizations to develop and implement analytic roadmaps for combining internal and external data sources, exploiting Hadoop and using high performance analytics to embed analytics in core business processes. Andrew also helps data scientists keep abreast of the latest developments in analytic approaches.

Andrew has a master's degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in experimental design. He lives full time in Leuven, Belgium and enjoys playing the guitar and piano, traveling with his family, and getting in the occasional run to keep in shape.


Webcast: How the machine learning wave is changing the way organizations look at analytics March 10, 2016 In this webcast, we will identify how organizations are automating analytic processes in order to free up time for new analytics, new data, and new business problem domains, ultimately creating real competitive advantage.