Alex Silva

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Alex Silva is a chief data architect at Pluralsight, where he leads the development of the company's data infrastructure and services. He has been instrumental in establishing Pluralsight's data initiative by architecting a platform that is used to capture valuable insights on real-time video analytics while integrating several data sources within the business. Before joining Pluralsight, Alex was a principal data engineer at Rackspace, leading a team of developers responsible for building the company’s data initiative. Alex has built a reputation as a passionate and pragmatic data evangelist. He was a key asset in establishing Rackspace’s big data platform by helping architect a solution used to drive actionable insight on consumer behavior and product-usage trends. Before that, Alex was a principal software engineer at ESPN Emerging Technologies where he architected and developed a distributed application to help basketball operators collect play-by-play records for data warehousing and modeling purposes. Alex has also held senior-level engineering positions at Walt Disney World Internet Group, Pentaho, OutStart, and