Cheryl Wiebe

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Cheryl Wiebe is the Analytics of Things Practice Lead for the Advanced Analytics Center of Expertise within Teradata. The digitalization megatrend has been central to her work over the past 15 years, consulting with global 1000 clients who are embedding and operationalizing analytics at scale into industrial internet, smart cities, connected factory, smart grid, and other emerging IoT landscapes. She collaborates with business and advanced analytics professionals to accelerate their capabilities and professionalize their advanced analytics practices. Recent projects have focused on our clients who are initiating their Internet of Things journey in two areas: 1) how to align business strategy with analytics investments to get started on the road to being Competitors in Analytics of Things Competitors, and 2) how to build a robust data infrastructure to make sensor data and the many other related data types available at scale to allow Analytics of Things to be built into industrial analytic applications.