Mark Shainman

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Mark Shainman is the Program Manager for Teradata's alignment with the SQL on Hadoop engine Presto. As part of Teradata's Unified Data Architecture team, Mark looks after the marketing, education, promotion and strategy-surrounding the uptake and usage of Presto as well as Teradata's QueryGrid solution.

Previously Mark was the global program manager for Teradata's Competitive programs, covering Oracle, IBM, Netezza and SQL Server migrations as well as data mart consolidations.

He has managed the global aspects of technology, strategy, positioning and sales support surrounding numerous products and programs at Teradata. Prior to joining Teradata, he was a senior research analyst for META Group specializing in database management systems for both online transaction processing and decision-support architectures. Shainman has advised clients on a wide spectrum of database issues, including total-cost-of-ownership analysis, data mart consolidation, disaster recovery, replication, and security, while assisting with core database product comparison and selection.