Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote

Cloud native and its management.

  • @lcalcote

Austin, Texas

Areas of Expertise:

  • kubernetes
  • docker
  • service mesh
  • istio
  • prometheus
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing

Lee Calcote is the Head of Technology Strategy at Solarwinds, where he stewards strategy and innovation across the business. Previously, Calcote led software-defined data center engineering at Seagate, up-leveling the systems portfolio by delivering new predictive analytics, telemetric and modern management capabilities. Prior to Seagate, Calcote held various leadership positions at Cisco, where he created Cisco’s cloud management platforms and pioneered new, automated, remote management services.

In addition to his role at Solarwinds, Calcote advises a handful of startups and serves as a member of various industry bodies, including Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the Distributed Management Task Foundation (DMTF) and Center for Internet Security (CIS). As a Docker Captain and Cloud Native Ambassador, Calcote is an organizer of technology conferences, an analyst, author, speaker in the technology community. Calcote holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fresno and retains a list of industry certifications.

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Istio: Up and Running Istio: Up and Running
by Matthew Baldwin, Zack Butcher, Lee Calcote
October 2019 (est.)
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $42.99

Webcast: Istio – The extensible service mesh
February 01, 2018
Istio envelops and integrates with open source projects to deliver a full-service mesh. We'll explore these integrations, and Istio's extensibility in terms of choice of proxies and adapters.

Webcast: Load-Balancing in the Cloud using NGINX & Kubernetes
March 16, 2017
In this webcast, we'll examine the load-balancing capabilities of different public clouds and container platforms and walk through a case study involving a bloat-a-lith - an overstuffed monolithic application.