Ken Krupa

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With 27 years of professional IT experience, Ken Krupa has a unique breadth and depth of expertise within nearly all aspects of Information Technology. Prior to joining MarkLogic, Ken worked at and consulted for some of the largest Global Financial institutions during difficult economic times, delivering technology solutions and advising senior and C-level executives on technology strategy. Prior to that, he worked with Sun Microsystems as a direct partner, supporting revenue growth for Sun within the Financial Services sector. Ken also served as Chief Architect of GFI Group, a Wall St. inter-dealer brokerage, for four years leading up to the company's IPO.

In his role at MarkLogic, Ken leads a team of industry-aligned and regional CTOs who are responsible for leading MarkLogic's growth strategies within specific industry verticals. Although his work primarily involves high-level technology strategy, Ken remains active with technology in a hands-on way. Today Ken continues to pursue both individual and community-based technology activities. Current intellectual pursuits include community science as well as the study of applying purely declarative, rules-based logic frameworks to complex business and IT problems.