Anthony Stevens

Anthony Stevens

Offering Manager, Watson Machine Learning

Anthony Stevens is offering manager for Watson Machine Learning where he collaborates with IBM Watson Research to translate theory into practice. Previously, Anthony was a senior Watson architect working with over 40 customers including partners, engineering, and research teams to architect cognitive solutions using Watson technologies.

Anthony is an expert in transforming complex problems and datasets into elegant mobile, web, and cloud solutions. He has done this for life science, health, consumer, and multimedia companies by bringing deep expertise in both software development and product management. He has led the process to design, architect, build, and launch products for startups and Fortune 500 corporations.

As a top 20 winner of the first Android Developer Challenge in 2008, Google awarded him $125,000 for building an innovative product that showcased Android. In short, you can consider him a Master Builder.

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April 19, 2018
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