Charles Brewer

Charles Brewer

Visible Innovation: UX & Product

San Francisco, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • User Experience
  • Product Design
  • Leadership & Management
  • Product Management
  • Startups
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing Hello, I'm Charlie Brewer. I'm a product strategy and design leader with deep experience in SaaS platforms and consumer products. I inspire with a results-oriented strategic vision for your product. I deliver results by using design for ambitious problem solving based on observant insights into our customer's world. I work with senior leadership to turn ideas into digital products. And I increase the capability of design teams along the way. For enterprise, I specialize in information- and transaction-intensive web apps, platforms, and marketplaces. For consumer and social startups, I design experiences that are easy to learn and easy to use. Starting in the Web 1.0 era, I led the design of web sites and web apps for clients such as Visa, United Airlines, Kodak, Four Seasons Resorts & Hotels, and The Walt Disney Company. I went on to lead design teams at AT&T/, OpenX, Pubmatic, Tubemogul, and Aditazz. At Myspace, I was Principal Product Manager on the global product team, increasing the new user registration rate, launching a new public home page, and ensuring customer data privacy. I designed Spot Runner's Malibu Media Platform, a breakthrough real-time bidding marketplace uniting online and TV broadcasting advertising, planning and buying for the first time. I have designed and launched numerous startup MVPs, including a cloud-based, 3D architecture design platform; a mobile-first, social video platform for emerging streaming stars; and co-founded an innovative fantasy sports/stock market game, which garnered major media attention. Who I Am I am a hybrid user experience-product design-product management leader. I'm interested in the intersection of user experience design, software products, and business. I help startups and enterprises understand their customers and their work context. Then I help design software that is fit for purpose, easy to learn, and easy to use. I help ventures establish or grow their product design teams and capabilities. What I Do I increase the impact of the the full stack of UX capabilities: Customer research, product strategy and definition, interaction design, information architecture, user interface and graphic design, editorial, usability, and prototyping to learn. Most importantly, I like to collaborate with product managers, engineers and C-level executives so we can create great products. Experience I have 2 main areas of experience in tech. My primary area is Enterprise UX: Designing information- and transaction-intensive web apps, platforms, and marketplaces. I have a lot of experience in advertising and marketing technology: Tubemogul, Pubmatic, OpenX and Spot Runner. My other main area of experience is in consumer tech, startups, and "lean" UX and product. I designed and launched the MVPs for a number of startups, including my own (Sportsgunner, a fantasy sports stock marketplace). Examples include a new reservations revenue product for startup Parkme (now part of Inrix) and a video CMS and social media management platform for video startup Victorious. I've advised over a dozen other startups on optimizing their products performance. I have led major consumer-facing projects with Disney and Myspace. I started my career at big digital marketing agencies, helping Fortune 1000 companies with their digital branding and web sites. Independent Film and Music Production I lived for eight wonderful years in Los Angeles, the city of my heart. During that time, I worked with filmmaker and songwriter colleagues as a producer on several projects. Bringing a company together, bringing a creative vision to life (against all odds, it sometimes feels), and launching it into the world is deeply satisfying. In my free time, I like photography, cooking, and reading. I live in San Francisco, the city of my mind. More about me here:

Designing Interfaces Designing Interfaces
by Jenifer Tidwell, Charles Brewer, Aynne Valencia
Third Edition January 2020
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $50.99