J. David Eisenberg

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J. David Eisenberg is a programmer and instructor living in San Jose, California. David has a talent for teaching and explaining. He has developed courses for CSS, JavaScript, CGI, and beginning XML. He teaches at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. David has written articles for xml.com and alistapart.com on topics such as Javascript and the Document Object Model, XML validation, XSL Transformations and Formatting Objects, and SVG. His on-line courses provide introductory tutorials for Korean, Modern Greek, and Russian. David has also been developing education software since 1975, when he worked with the Modern Foreign Language project at the University of Illinois to develop computer-assisted instruction on the PLATO system. He co-authored several of the in-box tutorials shipped with the venerable Apple IIe computer. When not programming, David enjoys digital photography, riding his bicycle, and taking care of his cats.