Xun (Brian) Wu

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Xun (Brian) Wu


Brian is a senior blockchain developer and consultant at DC Web Makers. He is a prolific writer on the subject of blockchain. As one of the prominent voices in the blockchain community, he has written 8 books on blockchain covering popular blockchain technologies like Hyperledger and Ethereum from beginner to advance levels. Brian holds a master's degree in computer science from NJIT. His latest book is Hands-on Smart Contract Development with Hyperledger Fabric by O’Reilly Media. He has 17+ years of extensive hands-on experience with blockchain-based enterprise application design and development, big data, cloud computing, UI, and system infrastructure solutions. He has also successfully repurposed and integrated the blockchain-based applications into gaming, supply chain, as well as, asset device management industries.  In addition to his strong background in the blockchain space, he has served as the tech lead for multiple key technology initiatives at leading financial institutions including J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America.

Here are some of his books:

  1. Learn Ethereum: Build your own DApp with Ethereum and smart contracts
  2. Blockchain development with Hyperledger
  3. Hyperledger cookbook
  4. Blockchain by Example
  5. Security Tokens and Stablecoins Quick Start Guide
  6. Blockchain Quick Start Guide
  7. Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week