Joshua Burhow

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Joshua is an Alteryx ACE and the Global Alteryx Solution Architect Director at PwC where he and his team support tens of thousands of Alteryx users at PwC. As one of the leading international experts on Alteryx today, Joshua is also an Alteryx certified expert and consultant with over 20 years experience in Analytics based technical leadership roles and specifically 10 years using Alteryx where he has designed and taught Alteryx training courses to hundreds of companies and thousands of analytics professionals across the United States from beginners to expert level Alteryx users.

With a passion for mentoring and training new users, Joshua regularly writes about Alteryx on his blog with fellow Alteryx Ace Chris Goodman at Alter Tricks as well as gives talks on a wide variety of topics to companies and user groups across the world. Joshua has started and/or led 2 Alteryx user groups as well as has also created mentorship programs for Women in Technology to help upskill and enable more women in the field of Analytics.