Tara Calishain


Tara Calishain is the creator of the site, ResearchBuzz. She is an expert on Internet search engines and how they can be used effectively in business situations.



“There are 100 tips, tricks, and hacks contained within these pages, and all of them are related to making the most of what Google has to offer. Since Google changes seemingly by the hour, the likelihood is very good that there are new features and toys that you didn't know existed...Even if you have the 1st or 2nd edition, don't wonder if you should go out and get #3. Yes, you should... Lots of new stuff to play with here.”
— Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings
“The latest tips and techniques to master, manipulate, and manage the wealth of services and information that is available through Google. Readers learn how to become power searchers, exploring all of Google's applications and services. Among the things that the authors explain (that you probably didn't know) are: how to convert a Google query into an RSS feed that can be monitored in any newsreader; how to use Gmail as an external hard drive for Linus, Mac, or Windows; how to build a customized Google Map and add it to your Web site; and more.”
— Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing