J. Steven Perry

J. Steven Perry

Consultant, Trainer, Java Expert

  • @jstevenperry

Little Rock, Arkansas

Areas of Expertise:

  • Java
  • JMX
  • UML
  • Wicket
  • OOA&D
  • C++
  • Log4j
  • Speaking
J Steven Perry is an independent software developer and writes everything from technical documentation to Java code, and has a passion for teaching and mentoring other developers.

Steve is the author of Java Management Extensions, co author of Java Enterprise Best Practices, several magazine articles related to software development topics like Joda Time, OpenID for Java Web Applications (Part 1 of 2) and the O'Reilly ShortCut Log4J.

Log4J Log4J
by J. Steven Perry
October 2009

Java Management Extensions Java Management Extensions
by J. Steven Perry
June 2002
Print: $34.95

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