David Jordan

David Jordan founded Object Identity, Inc. in 2001 to provide JDO consulting services. He became interested in the integration of object type systems and databases while earning his M.S. in Computer Science in the early 1980s. At Bell Labs in 1985, he initiated the development of the first C++ object database. He has developed a variety of applications using C++ object models on top of network, relational, and object database systems. Bell Labs appointed him a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 1990 for his contributions in object and database technologies.

The Object Data Management Group (ODMG) asked him to serve as their C++ editor in 1993. He served in that role until 2000 and was appointed their Java editor in 1998. He coedited four books published by the ODMG. David served as a C++ Report columnist describing the ODMG standard from 1994 to 1996, at which point he stopped to write his first book, C++ Object Databases.

David started using Java in late 1995. Upon his selection as ODMG's Java editor, he became a columnist for Java Report, initially covering ODMG and then JDO. David was part of the small group that initiated JSR-12, and he became one of the initial members of the JDO expert group. The JDO specification has a special acknowledgment of David's contributions to the JDO standard. When the JDOcentral.com community web site was formed, David was selected to serve as its moderator. David can be reached at david.jordan@objectidentity.com

Java Data Objects Java Data Objects
by David Jordan, Craig Russell
April 2003
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99