Alex Martelli

Alex Martelli


Alex Martelli spent 8 years with IBM Research, winning three Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards. He then spent 13 as a Senior Software Consultant at think3 inc, developing libraries, network protocols, GUI engines, event frameworks, and web access frontends. He has also taught programming languages, development methods, and numerical computing at Ferrara University and other venues. He's a C++ MVP for Brainbench, and a member of the Python Software Foundation. He currently works for AB Strakt, a Python-centered software house in Göteborg, Sweden, mostly by telecommuting from his home in Bologna, Italy. Alex's proudest achievement is the articles that appeared in Bridge World (January/February 2000), which were hailed as giant steps towards solving issues that had haunted contract bridge theoreticians for decades.




“Overall, this book is a great buy. If you are already an avid programmer or intend to become one in the future, you will not be sad having this book about Python on your shelf.”
— Brian Radford,
“I expected this book to give me clear and thorough documentation of Python’s standard library, which is exactly what I got...I would recommend this book to programmers with experience in other languages who want to try python. Those who prefer a hardcopy reference on their desk rather than online resources will love this book.”
— Andrew Albert, CSGSA O'Reilly User Group