Jason Matusow

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As program manager of the Shared Source Initiative at Microsoft Corp., Jason Matusow is responsible for working with internal and external constituencies to coordinate Microsoft’ global source licensing strategy. The Shared Source Initiative has established the company-wide policy and framework regarding the sharing of Microsoft’s most valuable intellectual property assets including Windows, CE and .NET technologies. Matusow also consults with governments, corporations, academics and analysts globally on software intellectual property issues. Since joining Microsoft in 1996, Matusow has worked in a variety of positions including serving as a network infrastructure technical specialist, working with Microsoft’s enterprise customers on design and deployment issues. He was also the founding member of the Microsoft Year 2000 core team, spearheading company Y2K efforts and representing Microsoft’s Y2K strategy and preparedness to governments and corporations globally. Before joining Microsoft, Matusow founded his own PC and networking business and led the network consulting group for a Microsoft Solution Provider. Matusow is a graduate of Boston University.