Dave Rolsky

is a programmer, author, and activist with a background in music composition and an obsession with Hong Kong films and the works of author Gene Wolfe. He has been actively developing Free (Perl) Software for several years and is a member of the Mason core development team.

For more information about Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason please visit www.masonbook.com, a web site maintained by the authors where additional information and downloadable source code are available.

RT Essentials RT Essentials
by Dave Rolsky, Darren Chamberlain, Richard Foley, Jesse Vincent, Robert Spier
August 2005
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
by Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams
October 2002
Print: $34.95
Ebook: $27.99