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Press Release: September 14, 2000

No Reason to Fear Registry, says O'Reilly Author

Sebastopol, CA--The Windows 2000 Registry is a critical file management system- complex and frequently misunderstood. It is the repository for all hardware, software, and application configuration settings. Paul Robichaux's just-released book, Managing the Windows 2000 Registry (O'Reilly, $39.95), is a system administrator's guide to maintaining, monitoring, and updating the Registry database.

"It's true that making a mistaken Registry edit can indeed send your machine to the 'Blue Screen of Death' territory quick as a wink, but there's no reason to be afraid of the Registry any more than you'd be afraid of a chainsaw, your car, or a high-speed lathe," says Robichaux. "The Registry is a integral part of Windows 2000, and you should be comfortable using, repairing, and modifying it if you want to administer Windows 2000 systems .The goal of my book is to demystify the Registry so you can better administer the machines under your care."

"Effectively using and managing the Registry are critical skills for administrators. Even with the recovery console, driver signing, and self-repair, someone still has to know how to fix, or change, things manually," explains Robichaux. "If you're a Windows 2000 administrator, knowing how to safely modify the Registry is a basic life skill, like knowing how to safely cross the street or what not to say in a biker bar."

His new book covers both Windows NT and Windows 2000, so it is useful for several groups: people who are still running NT and thinking about migrating, people who are in the midst of migrating, and people who have already migrated. A "must-have" for every 2000 system manager or administrator, Managing the Windows 2000 Registry covers what the Registry is and where it lives on disk, available tools, Registry access from programs, and Registry content.

What reviewers said about Managing the Windows NT Registry

"Finally, the O'Reilly series has Paul Robichaux's Windows NT Registry, which is the ONLY decent book on that subject I have seen."
--Jerry Pournelle

"This book is going on my 'A' shelf of absolutely necessary reference books."
--L.J. Johnson, Enterprise Zone

Online Resources: Managing the Windows 2000 Registry
By Paul Robichaux
1st Edition September 2000
1-56592-943-8, 558 pages, $39.95

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