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Press Release: October 31, 2002

Who Says You Have to Put Up with Them? O'Reilly Releases "Windows XP Annoyances"

Sebastopol, CA--Like a buzzing housefly, only more persistent, those little annoyances built into Windows XP can eat away at your patience. Yes, Windows XP brings the most dramatic change in Windows computing since the introduction of Windows 95--there are dozens of important new features designed to make your work easier, including improved performance. But along with the improvements come numerous quirks and enigmatic settings that are guaranteed to increase your level of frustration. XP users who are tired of being pestered can find relief in Windows XP Annoyances (David A. Karp, O'Reilly, US $29.95). It's better than a flyswatter, and much more efficient.

This new addition to the popular series for troubleshooting Windows comes to the rescue by providing a thorough reference to the tools to customize and otherwise fix the annoyances found in Windows XP. Based on the author's popular Windows Annoyances web site (, which was just voted one of the top "46 Great Websites" in the November 4, 2002 issue of "Time" magazine, "Windows XP Annoyances" offers solutions, tips, workarounds, and warnings that enable readers to both customize and troubleshoot Windows XP, including:

  • Customizing the interface beyond Microsoft's intentions, including many undocumented tweaks

  • Understanding the Windows Registry, including the use of the Registry Editor and advanced topics such as finding the right Registry Keys and restoring a corrupted registry

  • Mastering Windows built-in networking capabilities, including advanced technologies such as Internet Connection Sharing, Remote Desktop sharing, and virtual private networking

  • Repairing Windows XP, now that the DOS safety net is gone

As Karp says, "The more you know about a tool you use--specifically, Microsoft Windows XP--the better your day-to-day experience with it will be." "Windows XP Annoyances" is the intermediate and advanced Windows user's best resource for turning Windows into the user-friendly, customizable interface it was meant to be.

What the critics said about other books in the series:

"A VERY useful book for any owner of Windows ME. I give it two thumbs up."
--John Schuster, The Bridge, September 2001

"Well written and packed with cures for common Windows Me problems we all suffer, this book also reveals undisclosed Windows features. Great for beginners who want to progress to be experts one day."
--Computer Buyer, August 2001

"This book is a virtual mine of information about Win98. There would be few, no matter how expert, who could not find something about Windows they didn't know before."
--Major Keary, Book News, September 2001

"One of the most comprehensive books of tips, tricks, and fixes for Windows 98 under one cover, this is one of the books that will stay by my Windows 98 machine where I can find it right away."
--Dave Lenheim, Wind-News, February 2001

"Jam-packed with hints, tips, and useful information about how to optimize and troubleshoot Windows 98. David Karp does an excellent job of writing a clear, concise book that is easy and enjoyable to read. An excellent source of information on undocumented features of the program. I would give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars."
--Barbara Kreiss, Bytes & Bits, November 1999

"I recommend the book 'Windows 98 Annoyances,' by David A. Karp. It is fantastic. It has over 400 pages of information that Microsoft has decided you mostly don't need to know. If you are at all serious about learning how to make Windows 98 work for you, then you need this book."
--Art Becker, Computer Journal, January 2000

"My favorite Windows 98 book is titled, appropriately, 'Windows 98 Annoyances.' It is the best book I've come across."
--Art Becker, Internet Surfer, June 1999

"One common complaint about Windows 98 is that it comes with no manuals...for folks who want more than the basics, and don't mind messing around under the hood, 'Windows 98 Annoyances' by David A. Karp is an excellent choice. It helps you cope with the many quirks of Win98...'Annoyances' also offers tons of convenience- and performance-enhancing tips."
--Stephen H. Wildstrom, "Newsweek," November 1998

Additional resources:

Windows XP Annoyances
David A. Karp
ISBN 0-596-00416-8, 564 pages, $29.95 (US), $46.95 (CAN)
1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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