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Press Release: July 1, 2003

Digging Deeper into Mac OS X: Registration Opens for the 2003 O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference

Sebastopol, CA--Are you a developer who needs to tame Panther quickly? A system administrator who needs to integrate Macs into your enterprise? A CIO or design manager evaluating a switch to Mac OS X? Or maybe you're a power user who wants to live Apple's iLife to the fullest? If so, the second annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, happening at the Westin Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA from October 27 to 30, can take you where you want to go with Apple's newest software and hardware.

Panther, the latest version of Apple's Unix-based OS, makes user interface design, security, bundled applications, cross-platform file sharing, networking, and developer tools even more effective. The pairing of developer tools with graphical ease of use is an incredibly winning combination for those coming from Unix backgrounds. The O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference thoroughly explores Panther's new offerings, as well as the fundamentals of Mac OS X development: technologies, methodologies, and techniques that save time and increase functionality.

"One thing Apple does especially well is to realize the potential in a technology, and to frame it in such a way that people discover that they need it. They have a great sense of where technology is going and how to make getting there more fun. Without a doubt, Mac OS X is the coolest and most powerful platform around today. We've seen lead users from a wide swath of backgrounds flock to Mac OS X," observes O'Reilly & Associates founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly.

"This year's Mac OS X Conference captures the boldness of Mac OS X," adds O'Reilly Network editor and conference co-chair Derrick Story. "Our conference program is based on the technologies that we know are important to working developers, script writers, sys admins, programmers, and power users. You'll be able to get your hands dirty with network security, Cocoa, Java, Rendezvous, Quartz, AirPort Extreme, workflow management, Unix administration, and much more. We'll explore Panther, master its strengths, and learn how to overcome its weaknesses. Like the authors of our Mac books, our conference speakers live day and night with Mac OS X. And through this conference they'll be able to share their hacks, workarounds, and discoveries with you."

The conference begins with one day of in-depth tutorials, which devote quality time to the exploration of important Mac OS X aspects. Three days of conference sessions follow, divided into five tracks: programming, scripting, sys admin and networking, media and publishing, and emerging topics. Just a few of the many experts presenting at the conference include David Pogue, Adam Engst, mmalcolm Crawford, Dan Wood, Andy Ihnatko, Terry Gaasterland, Tim O'Reilly, James Duncan Davidson, Robb Beal, Daniel Steinberg, and Dan Frakes.

Evening events, informal birds of a feather gatherings, the presentation of the final round of the 2003 Mac Innovators Award, the availability of cutting-edge social software such as TrackBack and wikis, and ad-hoc networking of the human variety round out the collaborative learning-fest. Apple Developer Connection returns as a platinum sponsor; its beautifully stocked Rendezvous Lounge has been one of the most popular spots at all O'Reilly conferences this year.

Noted Brandon Collins, who attended last year's conference, "One of the highlights of an O'Reilly conference is that not only are you able to attend tutorials and sessions that are really quite beneficial, but you get to network with people who work in and lead the industry...If this is how all O'Reilly conferences are, I'll be at every one."

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